Exactly 9 months ago I wrote an article explaining briefly on how one can earn money from YouTube through AdSense in Nepal. Six months later, I wrote another article on earning from AdSense but with a website. Those two articles have received a wonderful response from people and almost around hundred different readers made contact with me on social media. They shared their problems and I helped them tackle it.

One question that I faced numerous times was – most of them bought Adsense account for 10-15 thousand NPR (which they could have got for free!) and they were asking me if their account would get banned. The answer to all of them was “Yes“. That’s because they were all using a BLACK-HAT method to earn money which did in fact earned them a good but unguaranteed dollars. And do not fall for the fake images they show you like this one I have created

Fake adsense earningFake adsense earning

Taking that into consideration I have decided to write another article explaining people the difference between the black hat and white hat method in earning from google Adsense.


If you are not familiar with the terms black-hat and white-hat then they are just fancy words for illegal and legal. Black-hat method is an illegal strategy people use to earn money from Google AdSense while white-hat is the correct and google recommended way of earning revenues from ads. These two methods are completely different from each other. Remember that if Google finds out that you are using black-hat methods to earn money from AdSense they’ll instantly ban your account. And once your account gets banned, you’ll never in your lifetime be able to create another AdSense account with your identity as long as they don’t change their policy.

Most people who sell AdSense accounts use black-hat methods and persuade buyers that they can earn the amount in a week or a month. To be honest, people can actually make some money from black hat methods but like I said the money isn’t guaranteed. Let’s get into the details …


In black-hat method, you don’t focus on building a good website but only focus on the ad clicks. You use VPNs to change your IP and click on your own ads. Many use social communities like Palringo or even Facebook to ask people to click on their ads and return click on their ads. To be honest, I am not really familiar with black-hat methods as I like to stay away from it but I will try my best to explain as much as I can …


VPN stand for Virtual Private Network. You use a VPN software that changes your IP Address and you appear to be using internet from a proxy address. For example: You use a VPN software and choose to use USA’s IP Address. Now whenever you visit any site then it appears that you are actually viewing the site from USA. People take advantage of this and click on their own ads changing the IP addresses to different countries. But VPN software are not free. There are free ones but using them is a sure ticket to getting your AdSense account banned. People use paid VPNs paying around NPR 2,000 per month!

Cyberghost VPN


Palringo is an instant messenger like Yahoo. There are different groups just like Facebook groups of similar interest but here you can chat with people. People join AdSense click exchange groups and ask others to click on their ads and in return click their ads.

This sounds like an easy and clever to earn money right? So why not just use them instead of working hard and spending time building the website? The short answer is “BECAUSE YOU CAN’T CHEAT GOOGLE“. Let me explain you. You should keep in mind that Google is actually keep track of everything. For example:

a. Where your viewers are coming from:

If you have used Google analytics then you must be familiar with the power of Google in keeping track of the visitors. Here are some of the things Google keep of track of your visitors.

i. Operating system – Windows, Linux machine, OSX, Android, etc
ii . Internet service providers (like Vianet, Subisu, NTC etc),
iii. Screen Resolution.
iv. How long the visitor stayed on your website
v. How did the visitor reach your website. (Google search, Facebook chats, PALRINGO, emails, etc)
vi. Their Location ( Kathmandu, Delhi, New York, Boston, etc)
vii. Platforms ( Mobile, Tablets, Computers, etc)
viii. Browser ( Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc )

Now let’s suppose you send a link to all of your friends to click ads on your site and most of your friends visited your link and clicked on the ads. On Google’s record, it appears that most of your visitors who clicked on your ads have come from Facebook messenger. And let’s say if most of them are from Kathmandu then it’s pretty obvious to Google that you asked your friends to click on your ads.

Another scenario>: Let’s say you use a paid VPN software and click on your own ads changing the IP address. You changed your address to 20 different locations and clicked on your ads 20 times. If you don’t have many viewers then your CTR will go extremely high! Let’s say that day you had 100 other visitors. This is will result in 20% CTR which is extremely HIGH! Also, although you appear to be getting clicks from different location google will have your browser cache and all your computer details like screen resolution, operating system.

So, imagine you get 20 clicks a day from 100 visitors and all the clicks appear to be coming from a windows 10 machine of 1920×1080 resolution and a Chrome browser. You tell me will Google find out or not?

VPNs might work if you have a large number of visitors ( at least 100-200 visitors a day )

b. Click Through Rate:

Click Through Rate (CTR) is one of the most important data you should be aware of. CTR simple means click through rate. It is the ratio of visitors who clicked your ads to total number of visitors. If 5 out of 100 visitors click on your ads then your CTR is 5%. A good and safe CTR ranges from 1-4% ( approximately). If your CTR is above 4-5% then you might be in trouble.

These are some basic ideas that I can think of but there’s more to it. Google spends millions of dollars in enhancing its algorithm and we don’t know what the genius minds of Google do to track the visitors. You just can’t cheat the biggest tech company in the world. Yes, there are people who use black-hat methods to earn money from Adsense but sooner or later their account will get banned. It’s inevitable!

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In white-hat method, you actually build a good website, write good contents and build a real audience. Your main focus is to get traffic (visitors) to your website. This takes time and a lot of effort but all the time and effort you’ll put in can give you a wonderful result. Once you have a fan following, you just need to focus on writing quality posts and not at all worry about the visitors.

In this method, you should at least know about the following things

a. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) :

SEO stands for Search engine optimization. It is a technique you use in your web pages (blog posts) which helps search engine rank your site in the search results. With SEO you can get free and organic traffic (visitors) which is why one must have a good knowledge about it. Still not clear? Let me show you an example

I have SEO optimized all my blog posts including my two adsense tutorials. When someone searches for the term “earn from google adsense in nepal” this is the result they will see.

SEO Ranking Aditya ThebeSEO Ranking Aditya Thebe

As you can see my two articles are ranked on the top. I’m sure there are numerous other blog posts out there written about “google adsense in nepal” but why did their blog post didn’t show in the top of the google search results and mine did? That’s because of SEO! I have spent a good amount of time optimizing my blog posts for SEO.

Now just imagine, had I not known about SEO, no matter how well my article was it would have close to no visitors! Almost 90% of my views come from search engines. This means I just have to write a good article and do the SEO and sit back while visitors automatically come to my website.

I cannot teach you about SEO here because it itself is huge topic and it’s just not possible to explain it in one article. But there are many blogs and YouTube channels where you can learn SEO. I may also make a tutorial on it some time in the future. Here are some blogs that can help you learn SEO

  • Search Engine Land
  • Moz’s Beginner’s Guide to SEO
  • Kissmetric’s step by step guide to SEO
  • Shoutmeloud
  • StreamSEO
  • b. Buy a top-level domain:

    Domain name is simply the url of the website. A top level domain means domain name that ends with .com, .net or .org. Always buy a top-level domain. Not only it is common in use but it also helps in SEO. If i say my website is my just my name then they’ll automatically visit adityathebe.com even if I didn’t mention the .com. Also avoid use of numbers in your website url and try to keep it short and readable. For example : avoid these kind of names – www.rank-1-syte.tk, www.thiswebsiteurlistoolong.com, www.dbxktmlpon.com, etc.

    One simple rule in choosing a domain name is including the keyword in it. This helps in SEO. Example: if I want to make a website about nepali dishes recipe then I would make it www.nepalidishesrecipe.com rather than www.itsmeaditya.com. You get the idea … </p>

    c. AdSense optimization:

    Having a good number of visitors is of no use if they just don’t click your ads. This is why you need to optimize your website/blog posts layout so that you get more clicks on your ads. For example: If you just have two ad units one one the top and one at the bottom, then you can add few more in the middle of the posts. This way the chance of people clicking on your ad will increase.

    But don’t over do it and add more than 5-6 ad units in one single page! That might again get you in trouble. Apart from Also, there are certain rules you must follow while placing the ads on your posts. Shoutmeloud has explained it in much more detail – read here.

    d. Write Quality content:

    Here are some of the basic rules you need to follow for Google to rate it as a quality content.

    More than 1,500 words. As you have seen my articles, I try to be very detail and most of them are           more than 2,500 words including this article.
    ii. Do not copy others content. Write your original content.
    iii. Add links to your blog posts.
    iv. Creating Strong Headlines
    v. Communicate Better by Adding Images and Video
    vi. Make Continual Updates to Your Website or Blog

    If you follow all the above rules then not only google but your visitors will also be satisfied causing them to come back to your site again or even share your posts.

    e. Design your website:

    The design of your website also matters a lot. By design, I don’t mean it should be fancy. To optimize your earning use a very minimal theme with a white background so that your ads appear distinctly. One good way is using ads unit with backgrounds similar to the background of the website. For example: if your website has a green background then edit your ad unit’s background and font color to green so that it appears less as an advertisement. Here’s a snapshot of one my site:

    Take a look at the picture above. I have used red as my theme color and I have also optimized my ad unit’s font color to red. This way the ads appear to be the part of the blog post and not an advertisement. This will increase the CTR and hence your revenue.

    f. Advertisements

    Relying only on SEO and waiting for organic visitors can take a lot of time to earn a good revenue from your website. Specially if your website is about a common topic like news, sports, music, etc. Because other blog owners have already build their audience and they also spend huge amount of money on advertising. You can’t compete with them with just SEO and hence you may need to advertise your blogs. You can advertise on Facebook, Google Adwords, etc.

    Personally, I haven’t done any advertisement and all my visitors are organic. A benefit for me was I didn’t have any tough competitors to fight for the search engine ranking. And I also don’t want to spend $. But if you’re planning big then advertising can help you a lot specially in the starting phase.

    Ads in Google SearchAds in Google Search

    As you can see in the above screenshot, the ads appear first on the search results. This way you can drive lot of visitors to your blog. To advertise in the Google search list you’ll need to use Google AdWords.

    ![Ads in Facebook](/assets/images/uploads/2016/06/Ads-in-Facebook.png_Ads in Facebook

    Similarly, you can also advertise on Facebook.

    I hope this article helped you to understand the difference between the two ways of earning from Google Adsense. Do not go for the black-hat methods. Instead of spending time and money on it why not use them to build a better website and write quality contents to get real visitors? Please do not fall for any fraud who sell AdSense account for thousands of rupees and promise you hundreds of $$$ every month. If it were that easy everyone would do it. I started AdSense with 0 rupees and have made hundreds of dollars spending $0.

    If you have any problem regarding the article then comment below, I’ll definitely reply.

    I may have many missed few points but I will keep updating the article so stay in touch. If you found it helpful please share …..

    Signing off,

    Aditya 🙂 …