AdSense Craze has finally hit Nepal and has hit really hard. You can see many new uploads by Nepalese on YouTube that are monetized with AdSense. Many new bloggers are emerging with new ideas and are making money off it by monetizing it with Google Adsense. If you’re reading this then you too are probably interested in earning from Google AdSense in Nepal.

Now there are many companies in Nepal who claim to help you earn hundreds of dollars a month. I’ve heard they charge anywhere from Rs 15,000 to Rs 25,000. Please don’t fall for that spam! Creating an AdSense account in Nepal is totally free. You don’t need to spend a single dime to verify it either. And all the tricks they teach is just a black hat method - meaning they’re not liked by Google and your Google Adsense will be banned. Just remember - there are no tricks to Google Adsense besides some few optimization tips.

You may make some money through black hat methods but there’s a huge risk to it. If Google finds out (Google always does), your account will get banned and you won’t be able to create another AdSense account with your identity. Just imagine - you work so hard to earn $99 and just before the day of payment Google bans your account!

And black hat method isn’t easy either, you constantly need to work on it. If you’re gonna work anyway then why do it illegally? Why pay someone if it’s totally free?

To prevent you from that spam, I am going to make a complete tutorial on earning from Google AdSense in Nepal. Brace yourself! This is going to be one hell of an article. I will try to make it simple and add as much information as possible.

If you get stuck in any of the process below, feel free to leave a comment, I’ll definitely reply. But please do not message me on Facebook !! Because your questions can clear up doubt for others and people will learn things they mightn’t know it’s better to leave a comment than to ask me in private messages.

About Me

I have been earning from Google AdSense in Nepal for few years now. I earn mostly from my YouTube channels. When I started with AdSense there was no one to help me and I learned about it all by myself. Which is why I’m making this tutorial to help out everyone interested.

Here’s a proof of my earning :

Cheque by Google AdSense Cheque by Google AdSense

Introduction To Google Adsense

Google Adsense is a monetizing platform by Google through which you can show ads on your websites, YouTube videos or mobile applications.

So How Does Adsense Work?

It all starts with Advertisers. An advertiser will choose certain keywords on which they would like to advertise.

Let’s suppose I want to advertise my new guitar shop. I would bid on certain keywords like “buy guitar, guitars for beginners, cheap guitars, etc”. The amount that I would bid depends on the competition of keywords. For example: Certain keywords are very competitive like insurance, health, etc. So If I had to advertise on those high competitive keywords I would need to bid high amounts any where from $1 to even as high as $50 to $80 per click!

After an advertiser makes bid on certain keywords Google will place their ads on contents related to that keyword. For example: If someone makes a video or writes about “guide to buy guitar”, then my ad will be shown in their video or blog.

Once someone clicks on that ad, Google will charge money from me (advertiser), take some % of that money and give the remaining share of that money to the content creator.

As you can see there are ads on my website. If you click on those ads, I’ll make few $ off it.

Don’t worry if you didn’t understand any of this. It’s not necessary right now. You’ll start to know more about it as you start with AdSense.

How much money can you make a month from Google Adsense in Nepal?

No one knows the answer to this. As you get started, you might earn as low as $1 and even nothing in your first few months. There’s no upper limit to how much you earn. It all depends upon you yourself! There are some Nepalese who are earning as high as $500 - $2000 a month from Adsense in Nepal. Speaking globally, there are individuals who earn even $30,000 - $50,000 A MONTH through AdSense!

Google Adsense Earning Google Adsense Earning


It may sound simple and in some ways it is, or at least was intended to be! But the internet has grown so huge and complex with time that there are many things to take care of to finally be able to land few hundred dollars a month.

It’s not as easy as people claim in the internet it to be, it’s really hard to earn from AdSense in Nepal. I wouldn’t exactly say it’s “hard” but you do need to work smart!

There are lots of factors that affect your earning. Some are

  1. Where your visitors are coming from
  2. Content
  3. Amount of visitors
  4. Ad placement

One important thing you should keep in mind is - if your visitors are mainly from Nepal then you’re not gonna earn much. In fact, very very little. You should target visitors from countries like United States, Australia, United Kingdom. If you’re planning to create a website or a YouTube channel for Nepali audience then you won’t earn anything! It’s just not worth it.

This is just one of the many factors, but let’s not get into that right now. For now, let’s just learn to be able to create an AdSense account that earns.

I earned Rs 250 from 1 lakh video views on YouTube while I made Rs 13,000 from 30,000 videos views from United States. Now you get the idea.

Here’s a summary of what we will be doing:

  1. Register for an AdSense account. (There are two ways to registering a new Adsense account - via YouTube or via direct sign up. In this article we’ll specifically talk about creating an Adsense account via direct sign up. Which means if you want to show ads on your website). Provide all the correct information about your Name, Address, and Website URL.
  2. Google Adsense will review your site. This may take up to few days to a week. (This is the hardest part. Your approval may be denied many times unless you comply with Adsense policy)
  3. Once your Adsense account gets approved, login and create Ad Units. Place the codes in your website/blog.
  4. Ads will start to show. It may take few hours to show ads at first.
  5. Once your AdSense earning reaches $10, AdSense will mail you a PIN to your address.
  6. Login to your AdSense account, and enter the Pin once you received.
  7. Set up the payment details. Once you earn $100 in your AdSense, Google will send you your earning. In Nepal, there are 3 ways to receive your payment.
    1. Through Cheque (not recommended)
    2. Bank Transfer (recommended)
    3. Western Union (recommended)

Let’s Get Started

But before we start, just know that there are two types of AdSense account

  • Hosted Account
  • Regular Account (Non-hosted Account).

a. Hosted AdSense account:

With a Hosted AdSense account, you can only show ads on Google hosted platforms. For example: You can only show ads on your YouTube videos. If you have your own website, then with a hosted account, you cannot show ads on it.

Youtube policy change

UPDATE: With the recent change in Google AdSense policy, now, you cannot show ads on blogspot sites from your hosted account created through YouTube.

Creating a Hosted AdSense account through YouTube takes about just 1-3 days. I won’t go through this process as I have already made a tutorial about it.

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Menu Bar of Hosted Adsense accountMenu Bar of Hosted Adsense account

b). Regular AdSense account:

With a Regular AdSense account, you can show ads on any websites, YouTube videos and mobile applications. Creating this type of account is really hard because your website needs to have enough articles, page views, should be few months old, and there are also some other criteria to be followed.

In this tutorial, we’ll talk about this particular type of AdSense account.


1. Create a Google AdSense Account

There are few requirements which you must meet before you can apply for Adsense in Nepal. First, of course, is you need to have a Website (remember we’re talking about creating a regular AdSense account and not a hosted AdSense account). You also have to be above the age of 18, otherwise you will need to apply using the name of a parent or guardian who gives you permission to do so.

  • First, visit Signup page for AdSense. You will see an option to create a new Google account, or you can choose to use your existing Google account.

    sign up for Adsense

  • On the next step, enter your website URL, choose the content language and click on Continue.

    Enter your website URL and select the content language

  • Now this a very important step. Provide all the necessary information accurately. The “payee name” is very important. Make sure to use the same name under which you have a bank account, as Adsense will be sending payment under that name. Finally, click on “Submit my application

  • Now, Google will review your website and see if it is eligible with all its requirements. If your website complies with all the AdSense policy, then your AdSense account will get approved. Once your account is approved you’ll receive an email.

    Google AdSense approvalGoogle AdSense approval

Few things to consider before applying for AdSense

  1. Your website should have enough articles. There’s no exact no. of articles you should need but make sure you have at least 10-15 articles with very good number of words ( 1000-1500 words per article).
  2. You should have at least few hundred views a month.
  3. You should have a Privacy Policy, About Us and Contact Us page.
  4. Your content should comply with Google AdSense policy. Read about AdSense Policy here.
  5. Do not copy content from others. Write your own original content.

Just remember that these are not the rules written in the stones. You may only have few (4 to 5) articles but still get approved while sometimes even with 40-50 articles your account may not get approved. Keep on re-applying if Google denies your approval.

My AdSense account was approved after I applied for the sixth time.


Alright, so if you’ve followed all the steps above you should now have a non-hosted Google Adsense Account. If you had any problem, then leave a comment below.

The next step will be to create ad units and place it on your websites. After that as you earn money and reach $10, Google will send you a PIN for verification.

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This is another very important step. If you don’t verify your AdSense account then no matter how much you earn you won’t receive your earning. After you have verified your AdSense account, you should now set up your payment methods. If you don’t have a regular Adsense account by now then don’t proceed to the steps below.

Let’s Get into the details

A. Creating Ad Units

Once you have successfully verified your Adsense account the next step will be to create Ad units. To create a new AdSense ad unit that you can manage within your account, follow the steps below:

  • Login to your AdSense account and visit the My ads tab.
  • In the sidebar, select your product. For example, if you want to display ads on your website, select “Content.”
  • Click +New ad unit.
  • Give your ad unit a name. It’s a good idea to use a unique, descriptive name that will help you find this ad unit later.
  • In the “Ad size” section, choose the size of the ads that you’d like to show and click on “save and get code”.

    Create an Ad UnitCreate an Ad Unit

You can learn more about creating an ad unit here.

B. Placing The Ad Units On your website

After you have successfully created a Ad unit you’ll get a code for that ad unit. Simply copy the ad code and paste in your website.

Copy Google Adsense ad codeCopy Google Adsense ad code

C. Verifying Your Google AdSense Account

Verifying AdSense means to verify that you’re a real person living in the address you have provided. To verify your AdSense account, you should first earn $10. After you’ve earned at least $10 in your AdSense account, Google will send a mail (card), with a verification code inside it, to your address. This is what the card looks like.

Aditya Thebe Google CardAditya Thebe Google Card

Inside it is a verification code which you should enter in your AdSense account. Once Google sends that card, you’ll receive a notification in your AdSense account just like the screenshot below.

Your payments are currently on hold because you have not verified your address

If you click on the “Action” button it will take you to another page where you should enter the PIN. Once you receive the card at your address, enter the pin in your AdSense account and then you’ll have a verified Google AdSense account. 🙂

If you have provided your address correctly then you’ll have no problem in receiving the card. However, if you’re from a place outside Kathmandu, then you’ll have trouble verifying your AdSense in Nepal. This is because Google doesn’t recognize most of the parts of Nepal.

I had the same problem and I had to wait for months to finally know that Google couldn’t recognize my address.

Here’s a trick I used. Go to Google Maps and locate your location. Provide exactly the same address on the Google Map to your AdSense account

Example: Instead of writing “Mukti Chowk, Jhapa” you should write “Mukti Chowk, East-West Highway, Anarmani, 57204, Jhapa, Nepal”

Finally, Google will send a card containing a code to the nearest post-office & the postman will deliver it to your home. In Nepal, it may take up to 30 - 45 days for the mail to reach your address.

You can set up your address here.

D. Setting Up Payment method

This is what many people have asked me. There are three ways you can receive your payment of AdSense in Nepal.

  • Through Cheque
  • Through Western Union
  • Through Bank Transfer

Please, remember that if you’ve created an AdSense account from other countries (United States, Uk, etc) you’ll have extra modes of receiving payment. _For example: you can receive your AdSense payment through Payoneer if you have a US AdSense account.

Bank Transfer and Western Union works well in Nepal however Cheque method of receiving payment sucks! Do not go for “cheque” as your mode of payment unless you do not have access to western union or a bank. Because

  1. It will take anywhere from 30-45 days before you receive your cheque.
  2. 15-30 more days to withdraw the amount from the Cheque.
  3. You’ll need to have an account on that bank to cash the cheque.
  4. Most banks won’t even cash your Google cheque.
  5. Even if they do, they’ll charge you anywhere from Rs 500 to Rs 2000.

So eventually you’ll receive 90% of your earning after 60-70 days. Unless you don’t have access to Western Union or you don’t have a bank account, I strongly recommend not to use Cheque payment method.

Bank Transfer

You can receive your AdSense payment directly into your bank account. All you’ll need to do is provide your bank details with a SWIFT Code (contact your bank if you don’t know about it). It may take upto 24hrs or more until you receive the amount in your bank (depends on the bank).

You can set up your bank details here.

Setting up bank details in AdSense

Once Google has sent your earning you’ll receive an email which looks something like this.

Payment notification Email

After that :

  • Sign in to your AdSense account.
  • Click the gear icon in the upper right corner of any tab, then, from the drop-down list, select “Payments”.

    Bank Transfer - AdSense payment in nepal

Western Union Transfer

This is the fastest way to receive your payment. You can set up your payment methods here.

setting up western union payment details

Once Google sends you your earning check your AdSense account and get the Payment details.

western union payment details

Visit the nearest Western Union office with your citizenship/Passport/Driving license and provide your Western Union MTCN number. That’s it!

Here’s a summary of all the modes of payments

Summary of all modes of payment of adsense in nepal

This is all you need to know for now to earn from AdSense in Nepal. Good Luck!

Once again, if you didn’t understand any of the steps above then please leave a comment. I will definitely reply. If this article was helpful then you can help out others by sharing this article.