You may have heard that creating a US Google Adsense account will increase your adsense revenue. When I first heard about it, I refused to believe it because I had learned that the revenue you generate from Google Adsense depends solely on the content and country where the clicks come from. But then I thought if it there’s really a chance to grow your revenue, why not give it a try?

Well, in this article I’m going to explain you everything from the process of creating an AdSense account to the pros and cons of creating a US Google Adsense Account.

I have been wanting to write this post for a long time but due my college and the time it took to earn from my US Adsense account, I couldn’t. Now that I’ve finally created a US Google Adsense account myself, verified it and then made $100, I’ll try to explain everything in detail with proofs.

How To Create a US Google Adsense Account

By US Google Adsense account, I mean – an adsense account created with an identity of a person living in the United States. If you are non-resident of the US and you have no one there, then sorry to say but you can’t create one. Now I have heard that there are some process where you can create a fake US address and create Adsense account. But I don’t think that works and I’ll tell about it later.

Alright, let’s jump into the process.

As I said, you need to be living in the United States or have someone there to create US Google Adsense account. But if you were living in the United States you probably wouldn’t be reading this article right now. So let’s say you have someone living in the States who is willing to let you create Adsense account with their identity.

Keep in mind that you can only create a single adsense account per person (person’s identity to be precise). For example: Since I already have a Nepali Adsense account on my name, I won’t be able to create another adsense account under my name and my address. However, If I happen to change my address then I am free to create another account. Due to this reason, people might not be easily willing to let you create Adsense account based on their identity. And make sure you let them know about this.

Anyways, if you have a trusted person who’s willing to let you do that, then just head over to gmail’s sign up page and create a new gmail account based on that person’s identity. One very important thing to note is, if you’re creating this account from a computer in Nepal or any other country besides United States, then that probably won’t be a good idea. Either ask the person in the US to create one gmail a/c for you or use a VPN software to change your IP Address to the United States.

For convenience, let's call your trusted person living in the United States a "Subject" from now on.

Okay, now that you have a US Google account based on Subject’s identity, head over to AdSense’s sign up page and create a new AdSense account. Again, make sure that you’re either using a  VPN software or creating Adsense account from United States. And in case if you’re asked to verify your Google (Gmail) account from a mobile number, please use Subject’s mobile number or any other mobile phones from the United States. The reason we’re doing this is to make Google less suspicious. A small whiff of suspicion and you’re into Google’s Radar! So be careful with this step.

Now if you’ve done all the above process correctly, then we’re good to go. I won’t go through the process of approving your Adsense account because that’s not what we’re here for and also I have already made a tutorial on it.

See Here : How to Create AdSense account and verify it

In fact, getting your Adsense account approve will be a lot less difficult if you have a US based Google Account. At this point, I’m assuming that you have a fully verified non-hosted US Google AdSense account. The rest is the same, place ads on your sites or YouTube channel and start earning.

Now let’s get into the main subject

Few Things to remember

  1. Make sure the address you provide is authentic, because at the time of verifying your Adsense account, Google will send the postcard to that address
  2. Also, Make sure you have absolutely unquestionable trust & with the person with whose identity you’re creating the adsense account. This is because during the time of payment, the subject must provide some very confidential documents to you.

Benefits Of US Google Adsense Account

The obvious benefit is your earnings will increase tremendously (more than doubled) due to high CPC. Here are some images as a proof

As you can see the CPC for US Google Adsense account is a lot higher than the Nepali account. Also, both the account were monetizing the same site so the comparison is pretty fair. I found it quite amazing that the CPC for United States was five times more in the US Google Adsense account than the Nepali Adsense account.

Drawbacks Of US Google Adsense Account

Although, it’s quite easier to earn from US Adsense account it is equally difficult to get the payment. Before, receiving your payment you must first provide tax information and this includes sharing your Subject‘s SSN (Social Security Number)! This is one of the most confidential piece of information in the United States which is why I mentioned above that you need to have a very good trust relationship with the Subject.

I must first verify tax information to receive my payment

Tax verification form

Another equally painful process is of course paying the tax! And it’s not just 10-15% tax but an astounding 40% TAX! F-O-R-T-Y !! If you have made $100, then you’ll receive $60 needless to say the charge to send money from the States to Nepal. So by the time it reaches you the money will get halved!

I have already crossed the payment threshold, but my payment is still on hold as I haven't provided tax information

And, there’s only one mode of payment – that is wire transfer to a bank situated in the United States. You won’t be able to directly receive money on any other bank that’s not located in United States. This will be a huge kick in the ass if you don’t have anyone living the United States! And even if you do, sending money to Nepal can cost anywhere from $10-$20!

Adding a payment method

See that it’s clearly mentioned that the only way you can receive your payment is through a bank transfer to an American bank situated in United States. I had heard that you’re able to get your payment through Payoneer but as it turns out, it’s not possible.

Payment only through wire transfer to an American Bank


But there’s more to it! There are people on the internet who can bypass tax verification process for as low as $5. This means you won’t need to pay the 40% tax and also need not provide any tax information or SSN! My US Google Adsense account has $110 and it’s stuck. I’ll try to bypass the tax verification and hopefully share it here on my blog if everything goes right.

Another fantastic option would be to create an Australian AdSense account where you do not need to pay tax and go through any tax verification process. This is exactly what I have done now. I created another Adsense account but this time from Australia. I followed all the process and made $100+ and I had absolutely no problem. But again, remember that the payment is only done to an Australian bank located in Australia.