If you have just begun to make some earnings or have been earning for some time on YouTube, then this article will help you to increase your earnings. You might be surprised that there’s so much more to YouTube than just uploading and watching videos. There are thousands of people around who’re making their living out of YouTube. If you’re aspiring to becoming a great YouTuber and do something more than just uploading videos then here are few tips that I would like to share. I am gonna be showing some real analytic data from my YouTube channel to give you the clear idea. Let’s begin!

1. Focus On Countries With High Cost Per Click

By now, you must have already known that it’s advertisements on your video that help you earn money. If someone clicks on your ad, you earn. But it’s not that simple. Here’s why.

It’s a pretty basic idea to know that the competition in advertisements is quite high in the developed countries than in the undeveloped or the developing ones. For example : If I had to advertise my products on New York, then probably I would have to pay $5000. But if I were to advertise here in Nepal then maybe $100 would do the job. The same theory applies on YouTube and all other online advertisement!

An advertiser would have to pay more $ to show ads on the video that are viewed in the U.K or the U.S.A or any other countries with high CPC rate. The amount you get from “a click” on the ad depends upon the content of the ad & the country where you are showing the ads. An advertiser could pay anywhere from 1 cent to almost $15 for a click. You would earn more from 1000 video views in the UK than from 100,000 video views in Nepal.

As you can see below that

  • 46% (72,000) of my views have come from Nepal,
  • 11% (17,000) from United Kingdom and
  • 9% (14,000) from United States.
  • 4% (6,200) from Australia

But, in terms of earnings, Nepal doesn’t even come in the top 5. I’ve earned

  • $73(40%) from United Kingdom
  • $48 (28%) from United States
  • $23 (13%) from Australia

Guess, how much I made from 72,000 views that came from Nepal?

$1.95 !!!

Yes, from 72,000 views from Nepal I have earned $1.95 ! That’s like 1 cent for 320 views! But, I have made $73 from 17,000 that came from the UK averaging $1 for 230 views. Similarly, I have earned  $48 from 14000 views that came from U.S.A averaging $1 for 290 views & $23 from 6,000 views that came from Australia averaging $1 for every 260 views.

My videos are getting high CPC rate in the UK but you might get that in some other countries. The case might be different with you. Not everyone is going to have the same figures. You should analyze your own figures by country to see where your best options lie.

But you should also keep this in mind that there’s no way to control what the advertiser pays per click. And that some content pays a lot more than other content, no matter what the country.

The point I’m trying to prove here is, if your main motive is to earn from YouTube, then focus on countries with high CPC rate. And don’t limit the audience of your video to some countries.

Also keep this in mind that Views don’t earn you money, ads does. To be precise, ads click does.

high income with low viewshigh income with low views

As you can see in the above analytic data, this video has just 10 views but managed to earn $1.29 ! But in the picture below, my video earned just $0.03 from more than 20,000 views !

so why’s that? Because not every views are monetized ! I went to my YouTube analytic and checked the ad Rates tab. I found out that only 136 of the total video views were monetized. Which means from 20,000 views only 136 views showed ads. That is just 0.68% of monetized views.

On average 11%-20% of views are monetized

2. Make YouTube Analytics Your Best Friend

YouTube Analytics is the best friend of every YouTuber. Like I mentioned above, you should analyze your own data and choose the best option for you and this is where you do that. It is where you get to see all the data of your viewers like:

a. Earnings reports (including estimated earnings and ad performance reports)

b. Views reports (including views, traffic sources, and audience retention reports)

c. Engagement reports (including subscribers and annotations reports)

d. Real-time report.

All these information will help you to narrow your audience and focus in the important ones.

3. Keywords

Keywords are such an important factor in online marketing. Keywords are simply the phrases or words people type to search something. As of June 2011, more than 3 billion searches happen every day on Google. A good portion of those people might be searching for your video and if you have set the title right then you can earn positions in the search rankings and get lots of high quality, valuable visitors coming to your site.

You must be careful when choosing the title for your video. There are many factors to take into consideration. The visitors must be able to remember the title and get the results when they search on Google (or other search engines). So how do you choose the best title?

Luckily, Google has a free tool to search for the best keywords. That is Google AdWords: Keyword PlannerI’m gonna give you an example to make it clear.

Let’s say I want to create a video on how to hack a wireless internet. Now, I go to the keyword planner tool and search for the keyword “hack wireless internet”. This is the result I get :

There are on average 3.5 million searches around the world on hacking a wireless network. But you can see that only 70 of them used the keyword “hack wireless internet” to search for it.

As you can see 110,000 people used the keyword “How to hack Wifi” to search about wireless hacking. That’s the keyword I should use in my video. My video title must be something like “How to hack Wifi password”. Now I can add some twist in there and make “How to hack wifi password in 5 minutes” or “How to hack wifi password with Jumpstart”. I just make sure the keyword “how to hack wifi” is in the title.

Note : The best keywords are the ones with high monthly search, low competition & high suggested bid.

4. Create Playlists

Playlists are another great way to drive traffic to your videos. When one video finishes playing in a playlist, the next starts automatically so you don’t have to click or search to start playing a new video. If you have videos on similar topic, maybe a few of your favorite songs, or highlights from your local sports team, then you should create a playlist.

I have created a playlist on my YouTube channel and most of my traffic have come from it. Had I not created the playlist, I would have seen 48,000 less views on my channel & I don’t how much $ short on my account.

5. Share

Finally, Share, Share & Share !! Share it on Facebook, twitter, reddit, stumbleupon, email, or whatever other platforms there are. But you don’t want to spam all over the internet!