About Me ...

Describing myself is one of the many things that I'm terrible at. I know, this is pretty taxing for most of us but I, in particular, fail at it horribly. But heck, I'm just gonna try and come up with few words for the one person that's gonna read this - you !

Most of the things that I like exists as 1's and 0's. I spend waayyyy too much time in front of my computer.

I love playing guitar but certainly nowhere near as much as I used to. I hated playing acoustic guitars because they were much harder on my fingers than an electric guitar. My friend, whose name I don't wanna mention, lost my electric guitar and since then I've transitioned into playing an acoustic guitar. Just kidding - it was Hillihang Limbu who lost my guitar.

As of recent, I have been playing a lot of Chess - in particular Speed Chess. I find speed chess much more entertaining than any other format of chess because of how much of a rush the whole game is and all the hilarious blunders I and my opponent make.

I'm also a massive ArsenalFC fan. If there's a game, you bet I'm watching it. This also means I've to stay awake late night. Being an Arsenal fan is not good for my heart because of how dire the defenders can be sometimes.

Speaking of healthy heart, I ocassionaly run. I run wayyy less than I'd like to.