How nice would it be to have a turn off switch for your body? I would turn myself off every night at around 9/10 pm. Hold on ... that didn't sound right. A "sleep switch" might be a more appropriate word. Yes - that sounds better. I would press the sleep button every night at 9/10pm.

There are some people out there who have this gift - a virtual sleep switch they can turn on to dose off whenever & wherever they want. I, unfortunately, am not one of those people.

Why does it matter when you sleep if you get 8 hours of sleep, you say? Because, just as important as it is to get adequate sleep it's also important that you get the morning sunlight (shout out to Dr Andrew Huberman).

And also if you happen to live with someone else who isn't a night owl, it would be nice to have a coherent schedule so you can get chores done & have meals together.

There's one other problem for late risers - and it's that you don't really have a good sense of where you are at your actual day. You see, I personally wake up at around 11am. By the time I wakeup and get ready for work it's almost noon. This gives me a feeling that half of my day has already passed but in fact it hasn't - it just started. I just woke up! Even worse, if it's winter - it's already dark 5/6 hours after you wake up.

This has been a pretty major problem for me. This dissonance of your internal clock with your external clock affects how you set yourself up for the day. So, here's a hack I came up with (just this morning actually).

Follow a different timezone where you wake up at 6 in the morning.

I know it's super silly but it works. I have found that Cairo/Egypt (GMT+2) or Berlin/Germany (GMT+1) suits me perfectly. When I wake up at 11 am (GMT +05:45) it's 6:15am in Berlin.

kathmandu egypt germany timezone Timezone difference:

Here's how my time differs

Local Time Berlin Time
Wakeup 11:00 am 06:15 am
Start Work 12:00 pm 07:15 am
First meal 02:00 pm 09:15 am
Sleep 02:00 am 09:15 pm

I have a much better track of where I am at the day now.

There you go - that's how you wake up early without actually waking up early.